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Public Service to the BBS Community - BBSes all over the world have long trusted DDS to bring them the latest and greatest doorgame files for many years. As we go forward, DDS has expanded and is bringing SysOps even more diverse BBS files.

What Kind Of Games are On This Site - - This site carries only DoorGames or other software that pertains to a BBS. While some can be run locally, these are NOT games for ordinary use on your computer. We did not author these games and cannot give you any assistance on how to run them on your own computer. We provide only a repository for these files. If you do not know what a BBS is, it is likely that you would be best off searching for games elsewhere.
DDS HeadQuarters:
Ruth Argust, Fido 1:2404/201
Gerry Calhoun, Fido 1:2404/200
The DDS FDN - The File Echoes, DDSDOORS, DDSBBS and DDSEXTRA are distributed via the FidoNet Filebone. If you are a BBS SysOp, ask your uplink how to obtain these files and utilities or join our DDSFILES Listserv. If you are an author of BBS doors, software, utilites or any other type of software to support a BBS, we can help you to get wide distribution of your files. You do NOT have to be a member of ANY network in order to have your files distributed by us and there is NO cost to you.

For more information about all of these file echoes and for author submissions, download the DDSINFO Information File .

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