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        Blue and Goldie Marty Barel of the Wrinkles and Feathers BBS has some gorgeous birds! On the left are his two Macaws, Blue and Goldie. On the right and below are photos of his male Red Sided Eclectus, Baby, (the green one for novices) and his female Red Sided Eclectus, Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy and Baby

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        Miss Piggy and Baby

        Roosevelt Wayne Steele Gives me the BIRD! Gerry have a few cockatoos whose photos can be found on other sites. We adore ours very much so visit them at the Max Tour. These are lovely Major Mitchell's cockatoos. Wayne Steele, who lives in their native homeland, Austrailia, emailed these two, a boy and a girl who I have named "Roosevelt"and "Rosie" I am hoping to breed them right here on Sysops' Pet Corner!      --- Ruth Rosie
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